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Why Listing Your Home in Winter May Be a Smart Decision

Statistics show that more homes sell in the warmer months--there's no doubt about that. But that doesn't mean that the real estate world shuts down from December to March. People are still moving for a number of reasons, whether it's an expiring lease, a growing family, or corporate relocations (which, by the way, peaks in the first couple months of the year). If you need or want to sell your house, don't let the time of year scare you off. There are actually perks to selling in the winter, and they may benefit you if you feel like the time is right to sell your house.



Winter in New England can be beautiful.

Sure, green grass and flowering gardens are ideal, but if Mother Nature sends some snow your way, it could be good for showing off your house. There's nothing like a fresh coat of snow and some twinkling holiday lights! Think of the quaint small towns in Hallmark holiday movies and how magical they are. We are lucky to live in a place like that! Curb appeal can still be achieved in winter, just be sure to shovel any walkways and keep outdoor areas well lit.

Buyers in winter are serious buyers.

If someone is viewing your property in winter, they're probably serious about buying. In the nicer months, you may contend with people who are just browsing to see what's on the market, but winter weather and holidays bring out fewer browsers. That means if someone requests a showing, they are ready to buy and will likely make a timely decision.

There's less competition.

Lower inventory means less competition. If you put your home on the market in the spring, you're competing with everyone else who decided to wait until spring. List in the winter when there are less homes for buyers to choose from and take advantage of the concept of supply and demand.


Ultimately, you need to list your home when you are ready. Regardless of the time of year, it's most important to list when it's best for you. With that said though, you can certainly take advantage of the unique aspects of each season. Don't let fear and misconceptions stop you from selling your house when you are ready. If the time is right for you this winter, let's talk. Fill out the form on the right side of the page or email me at and we'll develop a strategy that's best for you and your property!

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